We have organized a round table with the topic

We have organized a round table with the topic “Increasing the capacities of the local authorities and minority communities’ members to identify, report and treat discriminatory practices in Kosovo”,


Participants of the round table were the Ombudsman Institution, the Office for Good Governance, the Agency for Gender Equality, NGOs, municipal officials for Gender Equality and Discrimination, officials for Communities and Return.


The round table was developed in an inclusive spirit, where the findings of the project were presented and the achievements and challenges identified during the work of the Offices for Gender Equality were discussed. The findings and discussions will serve as an effective guideline for the implementation of the relevant law in matters of discrimination.


This grant is supported by the ‘Civil Society programme for Albania and Kosovo’, financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and managed by Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF) in partnership with Partners Albania for Change and Development (PA).